Minority Status

Minority Status Certificate

Mount Carmel School is run and administered by Carmelite fathers under the society “Dhupguri OCD North East India South Kerala Province Welfare Society” (registration No: 26488 of 2004-2005). The school is regulated by the rules and regulations as is applicable to Anglo-Indian Schools of West Bengal and at the same time covered/protected under Article 30 of the Indian Constitution protecting Christian Minority Institutions. National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions has issued Minority Status Certificate to the school on 19th December 2013. The copy of the certificate can be viewed on this page.

  1. Right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.
  2. Right to appoint governing bodies of their choice
  3. Right to admit the students of their communities first.
  4. Right to appoint Principal and teachers of their choice provided they have the minimum qualification prescribed by the Government.
  5. Right to take reasonable fee from the students, if the educational institutions are not receiving grant-in-aid from the government.
  6. Right to select the medium of instruction.
  7. Right to fix a uniform dress for the students.
  8. Right to teach religion and conduct worship for the children of the minority community.
  9. Right to admit either girls or boys or both.
  10. Right not to be nationalized by the Government.