General Rules

General Rules

The following details provide with a general picture of the rules, regulations and norms that the school follows:


  • Examination and tests are held as indicated in the school diary. The marks obtained in all the exams are counted towards the aggregate which will determine at the end of the year, the promotion to a higher class.
  • After the unit test and mid-term exam. Answer papers will be shown to the students and signed by the parents.
  • No child will absent herself, a week previous to the examination without a medical certificate and the doctor’s prescription.
  • A student, who misses an examination, may not appear at later date. Absentees at the examination will be considered as having failed unless it is established that their absence was due to illness and is sanctioned by the Principal. Parents are requested never to send their children to school, when they are ill or recovering from an illness.
  • A minimum attendance of 85% will be required for promotion.
  • In order to be promoted a student should secure a minimum of 40% and a pass in English and Maths is compulsory for promotion to the next class. In case of promotion or failure, the principal’s decision is final.
  • If a student fails to secure a promotion to the next class, parents will please inform the Principal on the second day of the result in writing, whether she will be continuing her studies in this school or not. If not her name will be struck off from the admission roll.
  • The decision of the school authority will be final with regard to promotions.
  • All fees concessions, of students who fail in any class will automatically cancelled at the end of the year.


  • Students who have been absent for class must have the reason entered in the ‘Regularity Record’ stating briefly the cause of the absence or delay, (reasons of a private nature may be submitted in a letter). No leave of absence is given without previous written application from the guardian.
  • No absence from class or the following
    a. Birthdays, marriages, feasts, excursions.
    b. In view of anticipating or extending school vacations.
    c. In order to study at home. ( In all these above cases defaulters are liable to be fined )
    d. Every student should be in the school campus by 8.30 a.m so as to attend the school General Assembly every day. Defaulters are liable to be fined.
  • To be admitted to the classroom, those who have been absent and those who come late, must show the teacher in-charge, their “regularity Record” duly countersigned by the principal.
  • Every student must be present at the re-opening of school that is after summer, Christmas and puja vacations. There will be a class on the closing and re-opening day of every term.
  • Continuous absence for 15 days without prior permission for leave will be considered equivalent to withdrawal of the student from school and her name will be struck off the rolls.
  • A medical certificate must be produced for absence due to a contagious or an infectious disease.


  • School begins with a general Assembly during which a prayer is recited. Every student should be present for the General Assembly. When the bell is rung students go to their respective classrooms. During the change of teachers or when going from one class to another, silence must be observed.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without written permission of the Principal. Absent from the school in order to study is never allowed.
  • Students are expected to make good the damage done to furniture and library books.
  • Only English should be spoken in the school premises, in order to acquire greater fluency in the study of English.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery nor will they use mehendi neither nail polish of any kind be entertained.
  • Students will not be allowed
    a. To leave the school hours, unless the parents meet the Principal personally and prior permission is obtained from him.
    b. To raise subscriptions.
    c. To give gifts to the members of the staff or companions.
    d. To organize a picnic or a tournament without permission.
  • Books are regularly issued to the students from the school library. All other books, periodicals, magazines must be submitted for the approval of the principal
  • The school is not responsible for books, clothes etc. which are lost. It is not advisable for students to bring valuable articles into the school. The use of aluminum boxes and suitcases will not be allowed in school. Children should have either plastic or cloth bags.
  • Parents are requested to take complaints if any, to the principal directly and not to the class teacher.
  • Visitors are not allowed to interview the teachers in their respective classrooms or in the staff room during teaching hours. They may do so out of class hours, having made an appointment (use the contact page)
  • Students are forbidden to bring electronic equipment, such as a mobile phone, MP 3 players etc
  • On their way to and from the school, students must remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet the teachers of the school when they meet them. Every student is urged to contribute to the high tone of the school by his/her manners and deportment
  • While in the campus, students are strictly forbidden to talk to or entertain parents, friends, visitors etc without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • During the absence of the teacher from the class, students must obey the prefect or monitor appointed to maintain good order.
  • On school days and at all functions students should wear the prescribed uniform and the uniform must be neat and tidy.
  • It is being understood that Mount Carmel school is an English Medium School; all students must converse in English only, while on the campus. Defaulters will be fined.
  • Every student must take part in physical training and games unless declared unfit on medical grounds by competent authority and exempted by the principal.
  • The school will not be liable for any damages/charges on account of injuries, fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by the students any time during her study in school, while taking part in sports and in extra-curricular or any other form of activities of the school, within or outside the school premises. All expenses that may be insured in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by the parents/guardians as per the rules of the school.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited. Anyone who is guilty of ragging will be severely dealt with.
  • On a test day, a student is expected to attend all the classes throughout the day. No student will be allowed to go home after answering a test for any reason whatsoever. Guardians are advised not to send children to when ill. Also not to take children home during school hours.


  • Strict silence should be observed by all in and outside the library.
  • All articles not pertaining to library should be kept outside.
  • Nobody should enter the library without his/her library card.
  • Only one book will be issued per card and no student can take a book on another’s card.
  • Books can be returned only on the respective class days.
  • Books overdue will be fined. No fine will be charged for the book overdue if a letter can be produced showing the borrower has been absent for valid reasons.
  • If any defect is noticed, when taking the book, it should be noted to the attention of the librarian
  • Books lost must be replaced by the borrower. In case the book is not available, the cost of the book will have to be deposited at the school office.


  • While every care will be taken to prevent accidents, the management will not be liable for injuries and accidents sustained by the students in course of everyday activities.
  • The school cannot be held for the security of students before and after the school hours and similarly the school is not responsible for the safety of the children who stay back to participate in sports and games on their own.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. Therefore it is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive pens, watches, gold ornaments etc to the school.
  • No fine or any kind of collection for any purpose, what so ever, may be made without the prior sanction of the Principal. The school will not be responsible for such collections.
  • No student is permitted to engage any of the teachers of this school as private tutor without the written permission of the Principal.
  • If a teacher, by speech or otherwise, seeks to mislead his/her students to activities, deemed objectionable, he/she is liable to punishment for misconduct.
  • The character certificate which may be issued to a student will depend entirely on his/her behaviour during the school career.