School Campus

About School Campus

School has a royal, beautiful and mighty entrance right in the Dhupguri-Gairkatta road. Well paved way leads you to the school and its homely atmosphere. Frontage of the school recalls the beauty of the ancient roman architecture. A beautiful statue of Jesus with children welcomes everyone to the school and reminds them they are under the blessing and care of Jesus the lover of humanity. The left and right wings of the school is beautified with fiber animals and things to help the little scholars Mount Carmel School, Dhupguri, Computer Labin their learning process.

The class rooms of KG students are painted entirely with the lessons from the text book to improve the quality of education through images. Smart class rooms, installed in co-operation with ‘TechNext’ makes “teaching” an art and “learning” a fun.

The school possesses vast playing ground with the available playing facilities to help the students to be fit physically and mentally. The children park adds colour to the school and the enjoyment of the playing with it allows the little students to be regular in the school. The Galandy River which runs near the school property brings a lot of freshness and coolness during the severe summer in West Bengal. The school also provides the overall development of a child thorough dance, karate, yoga, computer training etc.